5 Tips to save energy during Christmas

Christmas and New Year is round the corner, and so is the festive spirit. This part of the year brings out the best of us in terms of high decoration, sumptuous feasts, holidays, and shopping. Amidst all this, most of us fail to realize the huge burden that we put on the environment. Not only this, the credit card and utility bills also soar high. Well, there is certainly a need to do away with unscrupulous means of celebration, and throw less burden on the nature, for the sake of a healthy living. Here are five simple tips, that can help you bring down your energy consumption, and also take you a step closer to be the nature, and feel green. Take a look:

Judicious use of festive lights

energy lights
Well, the biggest guzzlers of energy are the lights, that we use to decorate our indoors and out doors during Christmas. Thus, the choice of lights is important. Use LEDs than the conventional ones, as they consume much less electricity. Also, don’t restrain from from going over board with the lightings. Instead, just do as much as is needed. And lastly, it is more energy-efficient to turn any kind of light bulb off than to leave it on. So, regardless of whether you are using incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs, ensure that you put it of before going to bed, and also keep it off during the day. This will give you a much lesser electricity bill, and also save energy.

Go for planned shopping

christmas green shopping
Along with high festive spirits, the pollution levels during this season is also unprecedented. Needless, to say, this effects the environment quite adversely. There are few things that we can readily do oreder to keep a check on this issue. Firstly, indulge in planned shopping. This will help you save gas, reduce pollution, and also your time and energy. Also, buy minimum and encourage reusing and recycling. This minimizes waste, and also helps you create things that are more sustainable in nature. All this can make the days leading up to Christmas more peaceful and easy for you, with least burden on the environment, and on you personally.

Cook as efficiently as possible

energy cooking
Efficient cooking is certainly a need of the festive hour. There are several things that you can manage while cooking, that will help you save considerable energy. Things like using eco friendly cookware is must. Since, there is an onslaught of guests during this season, indulge more in baking than cooking. Also, ensure that you start cooking once you have done your preparation well, so that there is no waste of electricity at the time of cooking. In short, cook smart and cook green.

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Travel smart

energy travel
Eco friendly travel plans can reduce the environmental burden to a great extent.. Since, this time of the year millions of tourists are on road, few green travel plans can save a lot of energy, and at the same time can reduce pollution, to a great extent. There are several eco friendly means of travels, that can help you plan eco tourism in a much comprehensive way.

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Stay warm with snuggles and slippers

energy clothes
With the temperature dripping during Christmas and New Year, there is nothing like cozy holiday slippers and snuggles to keep your feet and body warm. Interestingly, it has been found that people spend equal amount on heating the rooms as much as they spend on their festivities. So, resort to ways that will keep you nice and warm, so that the usage of room heaters can be minimized. Keeping yourself warm with clothes is yet again is an energy-efficient way of keeping warm, thus reducing the toil on your pocket, as well as on the environment.