5 Simple and Cute DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas for Kids

Why not try and make kids an integral part of festivities, this Thanksgiving! There are some very simple yet beautiful craft ideas, that can be made with little bit of help from elder folks. These fun crafts activities will not only make our kids much more creative, but also make them more keen and interested in the festivities around. So, lets check out some simple doable fun art presentation for this Thanksgiving.

1. Gratitude Wreath

Every thanksgiving starts with a Gratitude Wreath. Usually this piece is made with beautiful flowers and ribbons. For a change, try this to do something with kids this time. It’s very simple, and can be done with little help. Make some cut out on different color papers. The cuts outs could be the little palm of your kids, some pictures, leaves, flowers, and any thing you can think off. Paste them around a paper plate with a hole in the middle, and decorate well. And your Gratitude Wreath is ready !

2. Gumdrop Turkey

thanks gumsdrop
How about making some candicious turkey this Thanksgiving !! This is very simple as you have a plethora of color and candy options around you. All you need is various size and colors candies, that will make your turkey insanely beautiful. Once you got all your things, attach a small gumdrop to the end of 5 of the toothpicks, and poke into the large gumdrop to form the turkey’s tail and body. Now, cut a gumdrop in half and attach to the turkey body as wings. To create the turkey head, first cut two small pieces of marshmallow, and attach them to a gumdrop as the whites of the eyes, and push a small candy nerd into the center of each eye. Poke a larger candy nerd in the center to form a beak, and then trim a small chunk of the gummy worm to form the snood. At the end, cut the last toothpick in half, and use it to connect the head to the body of the turkey. Your Gumdrop Turkey is ready !!

3. Thanksgiving Tree

thanks tree
This probably the most simple of all the craft ideas you can think of. First, draw a big tree on a sheet of paper. Now with the help of scissors, cut out leaf templates of different shapes and sizes. Using the templates, ask the kids to write what they were thankful for. Ask the kids then to put their leaves on the tree with glue. The Thanksgiving Tree is ready, and needless to say, this is also an excellent way to help kids focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving; thankfulness.

4.Thanksgiving Pocket Banner

Thanksgiving banner
Now, this is going to be a seriously recycling DIY craft, easily done with little help. Dig up your wardrobe, and pick up old pants and trousers that are not in use. With the help of scissors, cut out the pockets. Now, take a thick fabric, and take cut outs in any shape you want. Now, in another sheet, stencil the word you want to put as banner, making single letter cut-outs. Stick these alphabetic cutouts in the fabric and paste it in the pockets, evenly. Lastly, use the string/ribbon/twine to “string” the banner. Thanksgiving Banner is ready !

5. Sweatshirt with Hand and footprint Turkey

thanksgiving candy
Hand-prints and a footprint make the cutest turkey, as gifts! This is one of the most special gifts that kids can give their parents and grandparents on Thanksgiving. All you need to have is a light color sweatshirt with no design, along with some multi color acrylic paints. Now, carefully, paint the little palms first (any color of your choice), and take the impression on the sweatshirt. Repeat it two – three times unless you get a feather like picture. Now, paint the toes with little darker shade, and take an inverted impression on the hands print, so that the head sits on the upper middle portion of the hand-print feather. Now add eyes and mouth, and your hand and footprint turkey sweatshirt is ready for gift.