Now have your own farm inside the kitchen, with Urban Cultivator

We all want to have fresh veggies, fruits and herbs in our daily diet. But seldom it is possible to grow all these in our kitchen garden, due to lack of space and amenities. All we end up doing is to get our stuff from locals shops and markets. But now, with modern technologies paving its way for better living, you can very well think of growing your herbs in a kitchen garden with the help of URBAN CULTIVATOR.

Automated counter grows micro greens and herbs for your kitchenUrban Cultivator. is a fantastic fully-enclosed automated growing system, that creates and nurtures optimal plant growing conditions in terms of lighting, ventilation, and watering. As Urban Cultivator says, the unit allows you to “grow what you want, when you want.” This cultivator gives you the feel of growing your own farm, albeit in an enclosed area.

Urban Cultivator is available in accordance to your need. It is designed to suit individual’s need, and can be easily hooked to water and power supply in the house. Like washing machines and dish washers, our urban cultivator is also hassle free, and fits into any small under-counter unit. Basically, it can take good care of your herb and green veggie requirements, depending on the size of the unit you choose, and also your output requirement, as a whole.
Urban Cultivator is priced upwards of $2500, and has a choice of a glass-door or hidden cabinet installation, to suit your taste and kitchen décor. The commercial version costs $8800, but the manufacturers claim it could help restaurants save $1500 a month by having the unit grow herbs.