Check out shoes that would make human run like an Ostrich

Shoes that help you run like an ostrich and compete with carsHuman beings have never come any close to running like the animals. But, now a San Francisco based inventor/entrepreneur Keahi Seymour has come up with something that will take us close to the animals, as far as running is concerned. The new shoe is called Bionic Boot, that is inspired by Ostrich, can help humans go faster, and reach speeds of up to 40 kmph. Convincingly, it isn’t amazingly fast, but certainly that can make any guy compete with the best athlete of the world.

Shoes that help you run like an ostrich and compete with cars Bionic-Boot1The Bionic Boot, is designed to imitate the Achilles tendon of an ostrich or kangaroo, thus allowing the user more down-force, and a somewhat longer stride while running. The end user sometimes need to do a little jog after strapping them on as the shoes feel like mini trampolines. Initial jogging on the spot helps the user acclimatize to the new springy feeling brought on by the shoes, and enables a smooth run thereafter. Maker of the boot believes, that 40 kmphh is fairly respectable speed to start with, as it is approximately as fast as a car moving at a medium to slow pace. Seymour further says, “he will continue improving on the shoes until there are shoes fast enough to allow humans to outrun any animal on the planet.