Powered by Solar Energy, this tree gives power and shade

All the while you must have seen plenty of ways power being extracted from various power stations, which speaks volumes about the need to have wind and solar powers in our lives. But sadly, even though we talked about being good to the environment with all our might, none of these power stations were in sync with the environment, per se. But, Israel based Sologic’s did just what we all wanted, an eTree.

Solar Tree Provides Power and Shade
Sologic, which created this ecological sculpture, understood the need for such an invention. This sculpture, that is a life-sized tree with solar panel branches, that not only harvest sunlight but provide shade, can be beautifully placed in parks, courtyards, schools, universities etc. A bench and USB charging points allows passers-by to charge up their devices for free while taking a break.
If this wasn’t enough, the tree also has a water fountain for both humans and pets help quench their thirst on hot days. There’s also a Wi-Fi connection for those longing to get online. At night, the eTree offers illumination, thus, setting a perfect example of beauty with responsibility.
Sologic’s Michael Lasry in a press release once said, “Our aim is that in the future there will be eTrees all over Israel and worldwide,”eTree is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, to create a link between the community environment.”

Via: discovery