5 up-cycled DIY ideas for Halloween decor


Halloween is here, and so is our urge to create something spooky and new. This season, lets try some eco friendly practices, and make Halloween a rather responsible one. There are some fantastic green décor ideas, that can be done without any hassle. These crafts can be made at home, and will cost to as less as possible. Needless to say, they impact the environment minimally, reduce waste and encourage recycling and up-cycling of existing stuff. Check out these cool ideas, and make your holiday season green, in every sense.

Leaf Pumpkins

Haloween leaf pumpkin
Well, how can we have Halloween without pumpkins ! But sadly, during Halloween, a huge number of pumpkin is wasted on the pretext of decoration. Rather than taking up the original pumpkin, why not try and decorate our homes with pressed leaf pumpkins this season. This will reduce the waste, and at the same time will give you the Halloween effect in you home and surroundings.

Paper Spider

Hallowwen spider
How about some paper spiders hanging in your walls!! Any unused paper can be used for the same. All you need to do is to cut these papers into shapes of spiders and color them with all your spooky imagination. Tie a thread, and let them hang around your abode.

Old Bed sheet Ghost

This is a really crazy one. Stuff your old bed sheets and pillows with clothes and newspapers. Tie thread on top to create the head portion. Then just style it well, and your homemade ghost is all set to scare everyone this Halloween.

Treat Bags from Paper Grocery Bags

Halloween treat bags 2
Instead of buying, how about making some innovative treat bags with unused grocery bags at home. This way you can up-cycle the abandoned bags, and reduce the environmental burden, at the same time. Create spooky designs on the bag with paints, cut-out-shapes, and make amazingly attractive treat bags.

Mummified Lamps

Halloween Glass Jar
Any decoration isn’t complete without lights, and Halloween is no different. How about trying some creepy mummified lighting arrangements this season. Take some glass jars and do them in a way that will set the right mood for an exciting Halloween. You can use candles and small lamps for ultimate supernatural effect.