7 Green spooky costume ideas for this Halloween !!


Well, the scary and spooky days are back, and all of us are gearing up, to give out our spooky best. Dressing up on Halloween is a style statement in itself, but doing it in an eco friendly way is certainly an art. This season, the scary face of environmental degradation has become a much more troublesome affair than the made up spooky faces. So, why not celebrate Halloween with a dash of “go green” attitude, and have a perfect blend of eco friendliness and fun ! Here, are some cool eco friendly costume tips, that will throw up your attitude as an eco friendly spooky Halloween. Check out !

Dig out your existing Closet

Halloween wardrobe

Rather than hopping the shops, try and look into your existing wardrobe for a spooky inspiration. We are sure you would find clothes that can give you an amazing Halloween look. The clothes with bright colors, polka dots and scary caricatures will add to your look, without spending any bit. Try out, and see what you can make.

Use Paint instead of Mask

halloween face paint
Why buy mask, instead unleash your creativity with paints and glitters lying in your home. You can make faces all of your choice, without spending a penny. You can even make your own face paint by combining cornstarch, solid shortening, and food color, if needed. This will take little time and patience, and all you would have is an fantastic faux mask to scare buddies around.

Reuse and Recycle

Halloween recycle
Nothing is better than reusing and recycling stuffs from your recycling bin. Look for left over from your backyard, and make some innovative and frightening accessories out of it. You can also, call your friends and cousins to join in, and make this a fun and frolic session, at large.

Make reusable Treat Bags

Halloween bag
There are a number of ways, that can be be used to make Halloween treat bags. Unused ice cream buckets, abandoned bags etc. can be used and decorated with ribbons, cut out shapes, paints and glitters. These bags can be conveniently undone next year, and reused again. A perfect way to go green !

Indulge in Costume Swapping

halloween costume swap
Indulge yourself in some costume swapping this Halloween season. Perhaps, this is one of the most effective eco friendly ways of going about it. Call up friends, and do some cool mixing and matching, and gear up for a fun filled Halloween season.

Look for discounts

Halloween shopping
Well, if none of the above works for you, get some clothes from the discount store, and weave magic in it with your own creativity. This way you can save money, and also do the things your own way. Redoing stuff is a cool way to go green.

Help organizations

halloween donate
Lastly, reach out to people with your stuff, and make sure that they also get a feel of Halloween in every sense. There are organizations who take donated stuff during this holiday season and create things for various special people. Go green will certainly find a new meaning with such gestures.