Check out this invisible umbrella, that can keep you dry during rains !

Take this, you are out in the air , and an invisible air force protects you from the rain, without carrying an umbrella. Yes, this is very much possible ! A Chinese company has recently developed an Air Umbrella that creates a protective canopy over you, that keeps you dry during rains.

Air Umbrella

If you have traveled in a car with open sunroof during the rain, you will probably understand how the air flows around the moving vehicle keep you dry, despite heavy shower. This is exactly the same principle that has been followed while conceptualizing the umbrella that protects you with an invisible air force.

This device is stylishly designed keeping in mind, all the possible concerns surrounding the discovery. The invisible umbrella generates minimum sound as compared to the petter patter of the rain. If this isn’t enough, this umbrella is big enough to protect two people completely, even during heavy rain. The air shield can be cut through by high winds, but given that regular umbrellas typically fold over in similar windy conditions, the air umbrella is still an upgrade, in many sense.

There are currently three different designs to choose from if you’re interested in investing. Air umbrella-A is the lightest model, and according to the Chinese developers, is apparently designed specifically “for females,”. It is about 12 inches in length and weighs a little over a pound, and it runs for 15 minutes per charge. Air umbrella-B measures at nearly 20 inches long and weighs 1.7 pounds, and lasts 30 minutes per charge. Finally, the upscale C model also lasts 30 minutes, but is scalable between 20 and 32 inches depending on your needs.

However, there are some short coming, that may pose certain issues with the end users. For instance, the battery life is only about 15-30 minutes depending on the model. Also, while the air shield might push the rain away from you, it’s likely to splash all that blown-away water on everyone else like a sprinkler. So the device might disappoint anyone else walking with you, or any helpless bystanders.

Nonetheless, it is definitely a good go rather than carrying a soggy umbrella. But, still there are some issues like sporadic sprinklers and battery backup, that can be an hindrance for this Air Umbrella to fly high.

Via: kickstarter