Five BambooTech Gadgets that will Make You Go Crazy

Most of the people are of the thought that in order to go green they will have to drain the tech tools and gadgets which ease their standard of living and make it more enjoyable. If you are among such people in that case you need to understand that this is not true exactly as there are so many Bamboo products which are both environment safe and durable.

If you are wondering why use Bamboo products then you need to know that it  is a sustainable raw material with growth rate five times faster than wood which makes it among one of the popular renewable sources on the planet. For the reason that Bamboo is a kind of grass it is possible to grow it in all possible environments and climatic conditions devoid of having to use any pesticides or chemicals and as well it produces 35% more oxygen than any other hardwood trees. One more reason that makes Bamboo steal the deal for Tech Gadgets is that Bamboo has tensile strength  with great ability to handle stress which surpasses that of steel.

Bamboo Tech Gadgets have become popular nowadays and are the latest trend in the market. Here in this post we have gathered a list of eco tech gadgets which are made up of sustainable Bamboo material which are likely to provide you with better durability and quality than the other toxic counterparts.

1)Bamboo iPad Holder

Bamboo iPad Holder

This amazing and classic iPad Holder is made up of ecologically sustainable Bamboo material and they are in bleak contrast with plastic alternatives which lack in providing a sense of style. The non slip silicone tabs that are present on the underside let the holder to be kept in place. With a price tag of near about 20$ this iPad holder can be washed lightly with warm water and mild soap but you need to make sure that you dry it out completely after washing.

2)Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

If you want to give your iPhone 5 a natural look then this iZen Bamboo iPhone case is just apt for you iPhone 5. It is completely made up of Bamboo and is carved in a beautiful manner so that all the ports of the iPhone 5 are exposed completely. Your iPhone 5 will retain a beautiful and elegant look with a smooth feel if it is held for long periods. This iPad case comes with a price tag ranging from of  40-100$.

3)Bamboo USB Flash Drive 8GB

Bamboo USb Flash Drive

This is an amazing curved Bamboo design that will contain a flash drive and bears a 8GB storage capacity which is just ideal for any loving tech geek. This USB drive is compatible and supports Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. This light weight 9 grams USB Flash drive with a price tag ranging from 10-30 $ is  going to keep your eco street-cred alive.

4)      iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard
It is said that the Plastic Keyboards are going to fill the earth one day but that is not going to be the case with iZen Bluetooth Keyboard as it is the foremost eco friendly Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard in the market which is handmade from near about 92% of Bamboo. It is a great choice for the iPad users on the go as it is recyclable, portable and renewable. This is wireless and works with all the bluetoothn enables devices and not merely iPad. You can charge this keyboard with a USB 2.0 cable and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. One more unique feature of this Bamboo Keyboard tagged at a price of 99$ is that it is coated with wax thus preventing it from absorbing water and the oils from your fingers.

5)Impecca USA Bamboo Mouse

Bamboo Mouse

If you are hunting for a Bamboo product that you can hold in your hand and use it on a daily basis in that case this hand carved designer Bamboo Mouse is just apt for you with elegant looks and available in 4 color namely Cherry Red, Natural , Walnut and Expresso. This mouse is really unique in itself making it a perfect green tech accessory with huge click  buttons and an easy to use middle roller for scrolling the pages on the screen. You can procure this wired mouse at a price tag of  49.99 $