8 Stylish Green Gift Option for this Diwali !

Gifts are an integral part of any festival. For diwali too, along with lights and sweets, gifts are essentially important. There are several gifting options available in the market, but sadly most of them are chemical laced and poses a huge burden to the environment, at large. Why not, this Diwali, try to gift some eco friendly gifts, that are amazingly beautiful, and at the same time time safe for everyone around. These slightly unusual gifting options will surely brighten up you diwali with sheer sense of responsibility and attitude. Here’s some green gifts for this Diwali !!

Stylish Eco Friendly Bags

diwali bags

If you are looking to gift something chic and cool, try some stylish eco friendly bags. Bags are perfect for both families and offices. Make choice according to your need, and gift this Diwali bags that are superbly recycled, and molded into a bag of elegance.

Home Made diyas

diwali homemade diyas

What is more beautiful than presenting a gift made by you ! Homemade diya is one such thing. There are charming designs that can be made into elegant diyas. These diyas will adorn your friends and families’ space even more beautifully.

Wine Bottle Gift Bags

wine bottle bag
How about gifting some cool and trendy wine bottle carry bags. This is also a common gift that is presented during festivals. Made with jute, and other recycled materials, this could prove to be an excellent gift for your office folks.

Eco Friendly Diwali Cards

diwali card

Make your own diwali greetings card, rather than buying it from the shops. You can use any material kept unused in your house, and create something unusual and exclusive.

Abandoned Bottle Lamps

diwali bottle lamps

Have you ever thought how you can make classy lamp sheds with unused bottles ? Well, there are various ways with which you can create beautiful dangling as well as floor lamps with bottles. Excellent piece of gift, this also helps you unleash your creative edge.

Eco Friendly Photo Frames

Recycled photo frame is yet another interesting gift, that you can present your near and dear ones. Made with abandoned materials at home, photo frames can be elegantly decorated, and finished into a perfect gift.

Eco friendly gift Box

diwali gift box
Green gift has to be wrapped in a green box. Well, we are talking about packing boxes that can be made eco friendly too. There are various things that can be recycled and up-cycled to create uber cool gift boxes. Along with this, you can also wrap the gifts using eco friendly means to create a green charm.

Recycled dangling Lamps

dangling lamps

Diwali is incomplete without a dangling lamp. So, why not gift some exclusive recycled lamps this season. There are plenty of things ranging from bottles to trash paper, that can be used to make beautiful lamps. Try, and them and illuminate your and your friend’s house responsibly.