Digital Vacuum Cleaner all set to clean your virtual home, know how !

Reducing your carbon foot print is essential in order to maintain a eco friendly atmosphere all around. There are several green actions, that enable us to cut back our carbon impact. These actions are mostly physical, that can be very well felt and also relatively easy to deal with. But, there is a different segment of our life, that also amounts to huge carbon foot prints. But, we seldom realize, as we are not physically or directly connected to them. We are talking about the Internet, our virtual home. Have you ever thought there are millions of data that are stored online like pictures to our social media accounts to our email accounts, that requires huge energy to be maintained. This generates huge carbon emission, leaving a burdened environment, at large.

stormtrooper-vacuum.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleThe all new world wide vac, ensures that our digital carbon foot prints are reduced considerably by cleaning up our personal cloud. According to a new project from Electrolux, a single email releases about 4 grams of CO2 in its lifetime, which is quite small in and of itself when compared to the 14 pounds of CO2 per gallon of gasoline, and the average American household’s yearly carbon footprint of about 48 tons. But, if your inbox is heavily loaded, that 4 grams per email gets multiplied by at least a thousand, and when multiplied by the billions of other Internet users, can add up to quite a bit of carbon emissions. Isn’t it wonderful !!

The mechanism of the World Wide Vac is simple and lucid. It is a free web app that connects to your Gmail account, and uses an algorithm to determine which emails in your inbox are no longer relevant, are spam or are otherwise unwanted. The tool, claims that it doesn’t save any of your personal data, making it a an absolutely safe app to try. You are then, requested to choose the level of cleaning needed, and after cleaning, the tool calculates your personal emissions savings based on the deleted items.

In future, when the whole world will be virtually digitalized, such an endeavor is arguably going to be indispensable. So, get ready to clean your virtual home with Electrolux, and unburden our environment in every possible way.

Via: treehugger