Climate March at Manhattan creates History

In an unprecedented turn of events, as many as 310,000 people took to streets to participate in NYC People’s Climate March on 21st of September. This march was organized by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as an invitation to world leaders, business and industry people for an increasing need of climatic awareness all through the world, that will be taken up during the Climate Change Summit to be held on  23 September, at UN Headquarters in New York. The streets of Manhattan were flooded by thousands of environmentalists, scientists and general public of all age groups, chanting various slogans on climate change, all over the globe. This participation has left the organizers baffled as the final turn out was way more than what was initially expected. The march, which began at 11:30, strolled through the streets of New York, through Times Square to end on 11th Avenue, where people gathered and celebrated this cause with fun and frolic.

Hundreds of thousands flood Manhattan for climate march

When in May 2014, Bill McKibben, founder of the environmental organization, penned “A Call to Arms” in the Rolling Stones magazine, a public invitation for a climate change march was rolled out, that coincided with September’s scheduled U.N. Climate Summit.

In an interview, McKibben emphasized that, while he does not expect immediate results, the goal for the march will be to put pressure on the world leaders by amassing one of America’s biggest political gatherings in recent years as a warm-up for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.

“The real point of building a movement to provide a countervailing power to the fossil-fuel industry,” McKibben says. “Right now, leaders are afraid of them, but we need them to be afraid of people as well.”

Cities like Kathmandu and Amsterdam too have organized rallies voicing out there concerns about the climatic change globally. Also, more than 150 countries have shown their solidarity, and pledged to support this cause for climate change through various forums including online propaganda. For those, who couldn’t join the march, stay tuned to for all the latest updates.

Via: treehugger