Eco conscious designs and Up-cycled products showcase at London Design Festival 2014

Restless Future, The Arts University in London, gracefully featured at the London Design Festival (2014 held at the Lethaby Gallery . This Design Festivals was organized with themes dominating four themes: Disruptive conscious and Technologies, Expanded Boundaries, No More stuff?, and Democratizing Innovation. The students and participants have taken up various designing ideas and evolutions, through which they showcased how technology can be used to bring change in socio economic and political paradigms. A series of some of the most avant-garde designs, that may someday find a niche place in our everyday world, has left the audience spellbound.

London Design Festival 2014

Eco conscious designing and up-cycling of products also hit the right chord with people, where more and more emphasize was laid down on designs that featured how to use waste streams and create valuable products in our daily lives. Marlene Huissoud’s is such an example that illustrates how From Insects that uses insects and their waste streams to build vessels and Forrest Radford’s Unprinter that provides an easy and convenient method for responsibly disposing of e-waste. Such innovations have successfully promoted a sense of urgency in creating an green and eco friendly environment in many ways.

Via: inhabitat