5 ways to get Eco friendly with Birds

Often when we talk about pets, dogs and cats crab our minds. But, in many households, birds have been the most loved and desired pets of all. Birds have there own way of communicating, and finding ways of comfort. Unlike dogs and cats, birds are much more docile and tamable. Birds love being close to the nature, and thus finding eco friendly means of living for them become essential. Birds are relatively less demanding, and thus their needs get restricted to few essential things, that give them security and comfort. Here are some cool and green products, which will help you give an eco friendly environment to your birds, in more ways than one.

Eco Friendly Food

Food is one of the quintessential requirement of any bird. They thrive on little, and so providing them something healthy and good is important. Whether it is seed, nectar or anything else, it needs to be completely free from toxins and chemicals. Eco friendly food products are manufactured and even packed in cases that are totally green. There is no bit of chemical and harmful toxins added to the food products. The food is blended well so that there is less wastage, which also means a concrete step towards being eco friendly with your pets.

Eco Friendly Bird FeedersEco Friendly Bird Feeders

If the food is eco friendly, the feeder has to be green as well. It is important that all the accessories used by birds are eco friendly, so that a wholesome development can be attained. Made with recycled plastic, green feeders are available in different shapes, which caters to the need of all kind of birds and their food habits. An eco friendly feeder makes feeding easy for the birds, and is a treat for bird watchers as well.

Eco Friendly Bird HouseEco Friendly Bird House

If you are keeping a bird as pet, the need for a good nest is inevitable. Even though there are various options available in pet shops, seldom they are eco friendly and has a good impact on the overall well being of the birds. The eco friendly bird houses/nests are best in this respect. Made with recycled materials, cedar, bamboo etc. bird houses can be made in different structures and sizes, according to the need. These houses comprehensively look into the need for a pleasant look, sturdiness, easy to clean and monitor. Eco friendly bird houses are a must try. Needless to say, it will elevate the quality of your birdie’s life.

Eco Friendly Weather Guard

Weather guard is an essential requirement for any bird. Since most birds nest in natural environment, the house needs to be guarded well from the harsh weather. The eco friendly weather guard are best suited for such bird houses, and feeders. Made with recycled raw materials, the all weather guard helps in protecting the feeders and also the open nests from rain, strong wind and other birds and insects.

Eco Friendly Bird FeedersEco Friendly Bird Bath Accessories

If you are wondering what to expect in this, there is plenty that you will be surprised with. There are several smart eco friendly accessories that help give the birds a chemical free bath. Heating bamboo panels fitted with solar power for ponds, pools etc. are excellent options for bird bath. If this is not all, you can also get some wonderful eco friendly bathing stands, pedestals and bracket for birds. Try these, and give your birdie a completely eco friendly environment to dwell on.