10 Stunning Eco Friendly Dog Bed Ideas

Dogs and cats are probably the most widely accepted animals as pets. Pets become our family in more ways than one, and lending them a comfortable abode becomes an indispensable need. Dogs have there own way of things. They need space, and a place that they can call their very own. Over the time, the need for an eco friendly space has become a necessity than a luxury. With practically everything getting laced with toxins and chemicals, the health and overall well being of the pet is always at stake. Eco friendly beds for pups are stunning. Made with green ingredients, these beds provide our sensitive breeds an eco friendly living. Here are some very cool eco friendly bed ideas, that dogs enjoy and embrace with a lot of comfort.

Eco Friendly Slumber Dog Bed

Eco Friendly Slumber Dog BedEco Friendly Slumber dog bed is a step forward towards giving your pet an eco friendly sleep. Made with totally harmless and recycled plastics and fabrics, this bed gives your canine a softy and cozy bed for nap. Do up with an attractive bed cover, and gift your pup a desirable bed to stretch around.

Eco Drop Dog Beds

Eco Drop Dog BedsMade with 100% recycled fabrics, eco drop beds are nothing but bean bags for the doggies. These drop bags are much fun to be in, and dogs just love the drop and bounce. Totally eco friendly, these bags give your pet the much need fun and frolic.

Eco Friendly up-cycled Luggage Bed

Eco Friendly up-cycled Luggage BedA lot of people throw away the trash luggage lying unattended at home. Do not do that, instead, up-cycle it, and make it into an innovative bed for your pet. Decorate the bed with left over clothes, and make it a comfortable abode for your best friend. This will prove to be sustainable use of the trash and will lend an green feel in every sense.

Eco Friendly Pup Tent Bed

Eco Friendly Pup Tent BedMade with military use heavy duty canvas, this dog bed is unique. This bed is particularly suited for heavy and aggressive pedigrees because of its durability. The fabric is totally eco friendly, and withstand scratch quite easily. Give it a try, and give your doggy a heavy duty bed.

Eco Friendly Woolen bed

Eco Friendly Woolen bedEco Friendly woolen bed is a best things to pamper your pups with. Natural sheep wools, that is covered with green cotton outside, this gives the dogs the much needed comfort and care it needs. Wool is also hugely sustainable, and thus makes the whole affair absolutely eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Pallet Wood Bed

The pallet wood that is lying unused in your garden is best for making a comfortable dog bed. The wood can be structured considering the size and shape of the dog. The bed can then be teamed up with eco friendly comfy cushions, that will make the place beautiful and comfortable.

Eco Friendly Bumper Beds

Bumper beds are nice and comfortable to be in, and your dogs will love them to core. Made with eco friendly material like Crypton, this bed is easy to use in every sense. The fabric makes the dust, stains and drolls easily removable. Extremely stylish, bumper beds make a stylish and comfortable dwelling for your canines.

Eco Friendly Dutchie Bed

Eco Friendly Dutchie BedGenerally made with Hemps, the Dutchie dog beds are absolutely stunning. They have catered to all the possible aspects of a dog, while creating this bed. The bed has a 100% polyester fill, along with hemp that make it perfectly eco friendly. Also, the side bolsters give the canines a sense of security and comfort. Elegantly upholstered, it is easy to wash and reuse.

Eco Friendly Couch Dog Bed

Stuffed with hypo allergic eco friendly fiber, the couch bed is luxury unlimited. The
bottom is guarded well with the bolsters to give a comfortable feel. Designed more like a sofa, these beds allow the pets to curl up or stretch comfortably. Easy to wash, these beds boost your pup’s comfort manifolds.

Eco Friendly Nest Dog Bed

Looks more like a bird’s nest, this super cute bed will make your pooch drool even more than seeing a bone. The fabric used are eco, and extremely soft to make the pet harmless and at ease. It can be machine washed. Pamper you pup with this eco friendly cotton based nest bed.