10 Stylish Eco friendly Canine Toys for your Pooch

For most of us, our pets are an extended family. And needless to say, keeping them in an eco friendly environment is also an essential need for the better of the nature, as a whole. Also, the cost incurred to buy stuffs for them again and again takes a toll on our budge. There are several eco friendly accessories available in the market for pets, that can be recycles, reused and are hugely sustainable. Canine toys in particular have a great range of eco friendly options, that give a healthy and sustainable living to you and your pet. Here are some cool and stylish eco friendly toys for your pooch, that will make its fun time absolutely healthy and environment friendly.

Cotton knit ToysCotton Knit Toys

There are plenty of toys that are made with organic cottons and woolens. Different shapes are made with these cottons that are non toxic and thus prove to be great playmate with your pup.

dog bone

Fancy Bones

Jump and hoop, and grab this stylish bone! Probably the best thing that all dogs enjoy is a bone, and this fancy bone is something that your pet will love to fondle with. Completely eco friendly, this gives a good exercise to the teeth.

eco crocodile

Canvas Crocodile

This is yet another toy that will be adored by your pets. The cool and colorful stuff is sure to hit any pets imagination. Completely safe and eco friendly, this is a must have in your list of pet toys.



Canvas Origami Crane

If you can’t bring the real one, give this canvas crane to your doggy. Made with canvas, this is an excellent stuff that helps massage the gums and reduce plague. This eco friendly toy can be very much made at home.


Cotton Veg Pizza

Now pamper your pooch with a delicious cotton veg pizza. With a dash of olives,veggies and some tomato sauce to go, this cotton made toy looks as real as possible. Only eco friendly ingredients are used to make this canine toy.

eco veg

Wood Carrot

If your Hound is fond of carrots, this one will make him happy like never before. Made with boiled wood, this eco friendly toy is an amazing gift for your pet. Try this, and let your pet enjoy the shape and texture to hilt.


Organic Bunnies

How about these cute little organic bunnies. Made with organic ingredients, these bunnies are immensely attractive and easy to fondle with. Arguably, one of the best bed time toys for your cuddling dogs.

eco monkey

Pure Water Organic Monkey

Confused, whether to gift this awesome monkey to your kid or pet? Well, this little thing is made with pure water based dye, that is completely free of any toxins. This eco friendly toymonkey is best for non aggressive canines.


eco cat


Canvas Cat

Now don’t fret if you see you dog running around the house with this canvas cat, after all this is what it loves to do ! Made with canvas this toy is just adorable. Completely eco friendly, and easily reusable, this canvas cat is something to drool on.


Hemp Dinos

Made with hemp and recycled polyester, this toy is a great option for you pets. These little colorful Dinos are easily washable and can be reused again and again. Completely eco friendly, these toys are fun to fondle with.