10 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Traveling is fun, and when done in an eco friendly manner, it automatically tags itself the status of being “responsible” too. There are millions worldwide who travel the length and breadth of the globe. Travel is definitely ones own choice. Some do it for fun, while some indulge in some serious business with extensive travel.

Study tours, adventure tours, there are unending motives that people carry when they decide to visit a place.  While some splurge into it lavishly, there are few who take travel to a different level with their eco friendly means. It is rather interesting to know that even when you are traveling, you can actually end up giving back to the cause of environment conservation, in more more ways than one. Here are some interesting tips that can make you “Go Green” even on a Bon Voyage. Take a look !!

eco-friendly travel tips1. Avoid Plastic

Plastic materials are one of the key ingredients of environmental pollution. So, when traveling, refrain from using plastic water bottles, especially the ones that are given by the hotel staff. It is better to carry your own, and carry it throughout the journey.

2. Chose Eco Friendly Hotels

Choose to say in eco friendly hotels. Trust me, staying in such places is an absolute treat. Everything you will see and feel around will speak volumes about environmental conservation. Apart from this, you also get to enjoy and learn different facets of eco friendliness, that can be constructively used in our daily lives.

3.Be Eco Smart with Appliances

Even if you haven’t checked into one of those eco friendly hotels, still you can contribute immensely by being diligent with the appliances that you use. Do not forget to switch off the electrical switches when leaving the room. Also, do not use the lights as long as it is not absolutely necessary. Similarly, water heater and refrigerator  also should be used  economically, so that energy can be conserved.

4. Use Bio Degradable Material

On travel, it is advisable to use bio degradable soaps and other accessories. This way the products can be recycled, and thus prove to be extremely eco friendly. Also, chemical laced soaps and detergents can effect the environment in an adverse manner. So, using biodegradable products are pretty much welcomed on board.

5. Eco Friendly Vehicle

Even though this might not be possible all the time, but eco friendly vehicles are one of the best ways of taking up tours. There are several cars available that run on batteries, that are extremely fuel efficient. Also, cycles and horse carts should also be availed whenever possible. Last but not the least, use your feet as much as possible. This will cause less pollution, and will save fuel at the same time.

eco-friendly travel tips6.Green Dine Out

Resort to some eco friendly dinning options if you want to go green during your travels. Buy food from local farms and eat local products. This will help you appreciate the local food and also help boost their business. Apart from this, farm fresh food will also allow you to stay healthy, as it keeps you away from food laced with chemicals and preservatives.

7. Buy Local Products

It is a common norm to buy souvenirs while traveling. Even though there is an array of products that may lure you, but best practice is to buy local handmade gifts. This is again one of the best ways of going green. This will be an sustainable effort, and also boost the local economy comprehensively. Local products also depict the art and culture of the particular place, and hence it is also a good way of marketing.

8. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are indispensable on a tour. We need need batteries for several activities, and needless to say charging them again and again become essential. In order to avoid buying, it is better to use rechargeable ones. The same batteries can be used and recharged again and again, making them fiercely sustainable.

9. Offset Carbon Footing

Offsetting carbon footing  is an attempt to counter-balance the effect of carbon emitted by you all along the travel. A carbon offset negates the release of CO2e by avoiding the release of, or removing from the atmosphere the same amount of, CO2e somewhere else. Interestingly, you can now calculate the amount of carbon emission being generated by your air travel, and purchase carbon credits to offset it. Your carbon credits will fund various renewable energy projects, such as wind farms and reforestation. This is nothing but sheer value addition in the endeavor to go “Green”.

10. Create Environmental Awareness.

Traveling is one of the best forums to create awareness on practically any issue. Here too, issues regarding environmental g travel. conservation, recycling, and sustainable mode of living can be well addressed during travel. The best practice is to imbibe eco friendliness and spread awareness about the same, wherever you go and whoever you meet.