10 Interesting Eco friendly Accessories for Students

It is beyond our comprehensive how much materials are wasted during our course of student life. Pens, pencils and erasers are used in abundance, without realizing a bit that these common stationary items do cause severe environmental degradation, to say the least. It is estimated than in a year more than 20 million pens and other stationary are dumped in the land fills that cause severe environmental hazards. But, with changing scenarios and increasing awareness regarding the need for a better and greener planet, eco friendly product manufacturers have come up with various eco friendly stationary items. These products are made with recycled products and are bio degradable, which ensure minimum wastage and maximum sustainability. Here are some eco friendly stationaries that will instill the depth of responsible living from the very childhood. Have a look !!

Eco pens and pencils

Eco pens and pencils
To combat the issue of wastage and environmental degradation, eco Pens and pencils made from recycled paper, biodegradable cornstarch, recycled plastic, FSC-certified wood, and sustainable bamboo, have made their way into the mainstream. These pens are available in various colors and designs and are no less attractive and appealing than the usual ones.

PVC – free Erasers

PVC – free ErasersErasers are again one of the most widely used stationary products. But, seldom we realize that erasers have PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) that poses great environmental and health hazards from manufacture to disposal. The typical smell of an eraser comes from a class of chemicals that are responsible for various developmental issues in kids. PVC-free erasers are an excellent option in this regard, and are completely eco friendly and toxic free.

Wooden stapler

Wooden staplerWooden staplers are again very interesting substitute to the conventional ones. The wooden panel and the pins make this rather sustainable product, and is definitely one of the best products that boosts eco friendliness. Wooden staplers are elegant looking and are safe to be used by kids.

Recycled note pads

Recycled note padsRecycled notepads are yet another product that can be used regularly, instead of the conventional ones. These note pads are available in various sizes and using them would reduce the consumption of water, energy and trees.

Bio Degradable Sellotape

Sellotapes are also used commonly in every household. But, these sellotapes are not environment friendly most of the times. There are bio degradable sellotapes that can be used efficiently, and at the same time ensures a responsible step towards environmental conservation. Eco friendly tapes are manufactured from transparent cellulose film, which is a wood based product of regenerated wood pulp.

Eco friendly glue

Glue is used for a number of activities at home,schools and offices. Most of the glue that we regularly use are laced with toxic materials and are harmful in many ways. Thus, it is important to make way for glues that are manufactured using natural ingredients, and are harmless. Eco friendly glues are best in this respect that are safe and also serves the purpose well.

Eco pencil Sharpeners

Eco pencil SharpenersYet another commonly used stationary product is sharpeners. Mostly used by small kids and young adults, it is important that sharpeners are chosen carefully to avoid any health hazards. Alternative to the conventional plastic sharpener, eco friendly sharpeners that are made with sustainable timber and bio degradable cornstarch are slowly making its way. These eco sharpeners are available in different ranges to suit the need of every individual.

Eco Crayons

Who doesn’t use crayons? Probably one of the most loved stationary for any kid, crayons must be chosen carefully. Eco crayons are made with soya beans , that are completely safe, harmless and free from any kind of toxics. They are available in wide range of colors, and are easy to use in every sense.

Recycled Rulers

Plastic rulers made with recycled plastic materials is an excellent way for going green. So much plastic goes in the land fill. Instead, if these are used in making daily usage stuff, we can create a more eco friendly environment. Other products that are used to make eco friendly rulers are bio degradable cornstarch and bamboo, instead of polymer plastics.

Recycled Scissors

Recycled ScissorsScissors are used in practically every walks of life. And, when these scissors are eco friendly, they add more value to your way of living. Eco friendly scissors have grips that are made up of recycled plastics and bamboos. This make the scissors more sustainable and environmentally viable.