Smart LED Lighting Options for your Adobe

This is an age of smarter living. Extending responsible hand towards the betterment of the earth, is something that everyone is taking up in various ways. Lights are something that has evolved a great deal, and are made eco friendly in a number of ways. Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LED lights have emerged as front runners as one of the most commonly used form of green lights in households. These lights are said to consume 70% less energy than the conventional ones, and lasts for more than 2500 hours. There are various designs and styles that range from soft and warm to crisp and cool, which make these lights quite accommodating in any household. Here are some interesting LED options, that are eco friendly, and also enhances the very look of the house or work place manifolds.

LED Puck Lights

LED Puck LightsBeautiful LED Puck lights are excellent options for bookshelves, kitchen counter-tops, and kitchen cabinets. These are energy savers, and at the same time much better that the xenon lightings, that give off heat hugely. Puck lights enhance the dark and bright combination of the area that lifts the aesthetic mood of the spaces too.

Color Changing LED Lights

Color Changing LED LightsThese are great options for ceiling. Color changing LEDs come with remote control panel that enables you to change the lights as per your wish. The lights can also be synchronized in auto mode that will change according to the requirement all through the day. Also, the warmth of these LEDs create an unique ambiance along with a substantial reduction in electricity bill. Best for kitchen, study and bedroom, LED color changing lights are excellent green options.

LED Rope Lights

LED Rope LightsLED rope lights are popular eco friendly lighting options for both indoor and outdoor décor. The living room false ceiling can be done with these rope lights that are generally ½ to one inch in diameter. The outdoor garden boundary, fountain or a small water body can be well decorated using LED rope lights. Rope lights are available in plastic and rubber tubes. Excellent energy savers, these lights come in light colors.

LED strip/panel Lights

LED strip/panel LightsLED strip lights are moisture resistant, and thus are desirable lighting options for the bathroom. The lights give the bathrooms beautiful ambiance. Generally fixed behind the mirror or below the washing panel, strip lights provide just the right amount of light that is required in the bathroom area. Strips have multiple LED chips built into a metal enclosure covered by an acrylic shield. These lights consume less energy, and come in 10-, 20- and 40-inch lengths.

LED Smart Bulbs

LED Smart BulbsLike several other smart things in our lives, smart LED bulbs are also creating buzz in every household. These bulbs are spelled smart because they can be controlled like any other smart devices. You can change as well as control the color and brightness that is required. These bulbs fit into different settings of the rooms quite conveniently. Also, highly customizable, these lights are hugely energy efficient, and at the same time, can go beyond your aesthetic imaginations, making enough room for design and style.