10 Ways of Reducing Carbon Footprints

Reducing carbon foot prints is an essential part of doing your bit for the conservation of the environment. There are several ways that can enable you to reduce carbon foot prints in the society per say. While you travel, at school, or in your house, there are ample of things one can do to reduce the carbon foot prints. Here is a list of simple, yet effective means that help reduce the carbon emission, and at the same time helps you advocate better and cleaner environment to the world.

Reducing Carbon FootprintsTravel by Feet

Well this is not possible always, but wherever this is a possibility, avail this. Walking and cycling are the two best ways of reducing carbon emission. The more you travel by these means, the less you tend to pollute the environment. This will be definitely one of your own ways of keeping our planet healthy and green.

Use Fuel Efficient Vehicles

It is always advisable to use vehicles that are fuel efficient. Apart from cycles, that considered best, there are cars that also emit very less CO2, thus causing much less pollution. It is also possible to have normal vehicles fitted with fuel efficient techniques to reduce pollution, on the whole.

Reducing Carbon FootprintsRecycle and Reuse

Probably the best way to go green and reducing your carbon foot print is to recycle and reuse things. There are several things that we use in our daily lives which can be reused and recycled. This will increase sustainability, and at the same time will reduce wastage to a great extent.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Make your home and office energy efficient. Use appliances that have star ratings. These appliances consume less energy, and work efficiently without much hassle. Using such appliances is a positive way to reduce your carbon footprints.

Water Management

Yet another important way of reducing your carbon foot prints is to do water management. It is one of the most scarce energy resource, and must be conserved at any cost. Using water efficiently, doing rain water harvesting, and recycling water are some of the ways to take up eco friendly means of living.

Use Local Food

Transporting food from outside your locality will mean transportation hazards and at the same time a beating to the local market. Apart from this, the transport food is preserved and packed, and no way is as fresh as it should be. The best possible practice is to resort to farm fresh local products. This is again an excellent way of reducing carbon footprints.

Reducing Carbon FootprintsGo Eco Smart

There are several ways to go eco smart. Other than using appliances that are eco friendly, one needs to be conscious about eco friendly habits. Things like putting off switches when not in the room, closing running tapes etc. are some common eco smart practices that can help you reduce carbon footprints.

Use Alternate Energy

There is no dearth of alternate energy resources. All we need is to start using them effectively. Solar energy, wind energy and natural gas are some common alternate resources that can be well imbibed in our lifestyle. This too can help us reduce carbon footprints to a great extent.

Offsetting Carbon Footprints

Offsetting carbon foot prints is done when you can no longer reduce it. There are several projects that you can support which takes care of the betterment of the environment. You also get carbon offsetting points, and can donate that money for viable projects related to climatic change and environment preservation.

Create Awareness

There is no better way of reducing carbon footprints than creating awareness about it. Wherever you go whoever you meet, ensure that you create awareness about the need to go eco friendly. This way you can reach more people and make the planet a much more greener and safer place for everyone.