10 Smart Bamboo Based all Purpose Gifts

A lot of people are not quite aware of the fact that there are some extremely beautiful and purposeful eco friendly gifts available in the market. Once upon a time eco friendly gifts would not be really appreciated and honored. But, with the changing times, the gross opinion about the need to be eco friendly has increased manifolds. This change in the human attitude has subtly paved way for several gifts and artifacts, that are made with recycled and sustainable materials. They impact the environment minimally, and at the same time are meaningful, sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Here are some trendy bamboo gift items that will bring new meaning to your gifts. Have a look !

Bamboo Clock

Bamboo ClockI wonder if there would be any household without a watch or a table clock. Clocks are essential for our existence. And, if this existence is created responsibly, it adds more value to the thing. Bamboo clocks are eco friendly, and are beautifully crafted. These clocks come in different designs and shapes to suit various needs. An innovative gifting option, a bamboo watch is a must try.

Bamboo Photo Frames

Bamboo Photo Frames

Bamboo being strong and sturdy is used for making various products. Bamboo photo frames are elegant, and are hands on gift item. These frames are available in different standardized sizes. With an affordable price tag, bamboo photo frame is an excellent gifting option.

Bamboo Pen

Bamboo PenAll of us must have gifted pens. There is no dearth of pens available in stores. Some are simple while some are expensive, which come with hefty price tags. But have you ever tried bamboo pens? Well, these eco friendly pens are elegant, stylish and purposeful. Economically viable, a bamboo pen or pen set is a suitable gift for any occasion.

Bamboo Card Holder

Bamboo Card HolderSuitable for both office and home, bamboo card holder can prove to be an extremely responsible gift. It is not only eco friendly, but also comes in very natural shades, that generally suits the décor of the room. Bamboo card holder is nonetheless, a must try.

Bamboo Toys

Bamboo ToysThe foremost precaution that we take while gifting a toy, is its safety. With innovative and safe bamboo toys, this issue can be solved forever. Not only are these toys non toxic and eco friendly, the designs too are simple, that go well with the needs of a child. Try bamboo toys as gift items, and give a responsible beginning to his childhood.

Bamboo Kitchen Cutlery Box

Bamboo Kitchen Cutlery BoxWhy deprives your kitchen from slick bamboo products! This is yet again an excellent gift for the whole family. The bamboo cutlery box is stylish and comes with a fine finish. It has compartments for various items, making it very handy. An apt gift for people with new home, bamboo cutlery box is eco friendly in every sense.

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo BagsLooking to spell some magic with eco friendly products, try bamboo bags. The smart and groovy bamboo bags are anything but boring. Suitable gifts for any occasions, these bags come in various designs. Go for it, and make a green statement in style.

Multi Purpose Bamboo Stand

Multi Purpose Bamboo StandThis a very essential stuff that is needed in practically every household. Multi purpose stands can hold anything from newspaper, books, magazines, to basic accessories. The bamboo stands are sleek, and fit in any corner of the room. A suitable gift in every sense, bamboo multi purpose stand is eco friendly, and hugely sustainable.

Bamboo Candle Stand

Bamboo Candle StandBamboo Candle stands are beautiful, and at the same time come with a reasonable price tag. Made with bamboo, these candle stands are designed to suit different occasion and purpose. Very earthy and natural, bamboo candle stand is an attractive gift option, by all means.

Bamboo Lamp Shades

Bamboo Lamp ShadesLooking to gift a classy piece, try bamboo lamp shades. Bamboo lamp shades are things to die for. Very showy and presentable, these lamp shades give an altogether different look to your abode. Available as danglers and stand ups, bamboo lamp shade is an outstanding option as gift.