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To save monarch butterflies, U.S launches $3.2 million campaign

The alarming decline of the endangered monarch butterflies has propelled the U.S government to take appropriate measures to arrest the possibility of an extinction of this rare and beautiful species of butterfly. It has been reported, that the monarch butterflies have reduced by 90% in the last two decades, leaving a handful of them around […]

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10 beautiful green gifts for your Valentine this season !!

The love drenched days are here, and we all are yet again set to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Valentine’s day is all about love, so why not for a change this year let’s shower some love to our mother earth as well? Let’s for a change go green this Valentines’, and choose some beautiful […]


Innovative bamboo bike helps charge mobile devices

Over the years we have seen several eco friendly devices, that help us create power from daily use stuff around us. This innovative bamboo bike is yet another addition to the stream of devices, which give us power without conventional plug-ins. Bambootec, a consortium from Yucatán, Mexico, has created a bamboo bicycle, that turns pedaling […]